Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Supervisor Joe O'Sullivan at 906-852-3415.

  • Board of Review
  • Cemetery Committee
  • Election Inspectors
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals

Some positions can be held by non-residents

Board of Trustees


Joe O’Sullivan
9497 Calderwood Rd.
Trout Creek, MI 49967


L. Melanie Pelkola
6564 Five Mile Road
Trout Creek, MI 49967



Paul Besonen
Freddie Johnson

Meeting Calendar

11 Mar

8 Apr

13 May

10 Jun

8 Jul

Board Minutes


LuAnn Hayrynen
4710 Kemppa Road
Toivola, MI 49965

Notes & Reminders...

Are you a 100% disabled or 100% unemployable veteran or unrewarded surviving spouse? File your 5107 form with the Assessor for a property tax exemption.

Building Permits are required for structures larger than 200 square feet. Permit forms are located in the Twp Hall Lobby. 906-852-3415

Permits required for any earth disturbance within 500' of any body of water. Mike Kocher, Ontonagon County Emergency Manager for more info.  emontonagon@jamadots.com.

Planning Commission

PJ Fish
Melanie Pelkola

Board of Review

Tom Bruno
PJ Fish
LuAnn Hayrynen
Joe O'Sullivan

Cemetery Board

Interior Township Volunteer Fire Department

Have you ever thought of stepping up and volunteering to serve your community?  Our department needs you.

Contact Paul Besonen if interested


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